Riding your motorcycle can be even more comfortable and enjoyable. Classic Sheepskin offers custom made motorcycle sheepskin seat covers. Hear what our customers have about our product and customer service:

"My sheepskin seat covers are beautiful, comfortable, solidly constructed and perfectly fitted. Before purchasing my seat covers, I did a lot of research because I wanted a solution to hot, sweaty car seats (I live in Austin, Texas) that would last ten years. I learned that (1) sheepskin was the best material for cooling and absorption; (2) custom-made is not the same is tailor-made and that custom-made is superior when purchasing seat covers for today's highly engineered, oddly-shaped car seats; (3) not all sheepskin seat cover sellers are the same: some are just salespeople or distributors, they don't actually make the seat covers on their premises, yet they charge the same amount of money as a craftsman who does; (4) it pays to deal with someone who specializes in sheepskin and leather because he knows what he's talking about, and that would be Randy and (5) Randy is known and respected throughout the sheepskin industry, not only within California, but other parts of the USA. I strongly recommend purchasing your sheepskin seat covers from Randy. I was hesitant at first because I'm in Texas and he's in California. I really wanted to see and touch the product in person, especially since I'd be paying $500. However, he answered all my questions about the quality and durability of construction, the quality of sheepskin used, type of backing and ease of installation. He also sent me a couple samples so I could be absolutely, positively sure the color matched my VW Passat's con silk beige interior - I appreciated this (the match is perfect). Installation was moderately easy, it took about 60 minutes on my part. I am very, very, very pleased with the results. The temperature in Texas this time of year is over 100-degrees and this year the humidity is high. My 2010 VW Passat has vinyl seats, were it not for the sheepskin seat covers, I would be miserable. Instead, I ride in comfort; in fact, my ride is smoother - something I didn't expect because they act like shock absorbers. Don't hesitate for a moment, get CUSTOM-made sheepskin seat covers and buy them from Randy. You will not be disappointed."

"Not long ago I purchased some seat covers for my 2010 Lexus, I want to thank Randy for customizing my seats. I was having back problems and no seat was comfortable. When I sat on my new sheep skin covers, I was so amazed by the quality and comfort or the material. They really stay cool in the summer. Thank You again Randy."

"I have an ailing mother who constanly has bed sores. I recently got into contact with Randy and he told me about medical sheep skin. Since my purchase my ailing mother has been able to sleep confortably and the bed sores and aching seem to have decreased. Thank you Randy and Classic Sheepskin for helping with such sad times."

"I finally had them installed yesterday and they are fabulous in every way---Look great and feel so soft, I feel I am on a cloud---Thanks!!" Lynn-

"This was my first set of tailored sheepskin seat covers ever. Because they are quite expensive, I did my due diligence in terms of shopping for not only the most affordable place to get them, but also quality was important. At the end of the day I felt most confident about placing my order after talking with Randy about exactly what I wanted. These seat covers are absolutely awesome. The quality of the material is the best and the tailored fit could not be better. As I said, this was my first set of sheepskins ever. Wow!, I never knew what I was missing. All of my vehicles will have these from now on."

Kevin Eberwein
STS Regional Manager
Scully Transportation Services, Inc.
3771 Channel Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Phone:(916)375-8544 Fax:(916)375-8542

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