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Our Natural medical skins provide support and comfort to those confined to bed or chair for extended periods of time. The Natural medical sheepskin supports with a cushion of millions of resilient springy wool fibers through which air continually moves. Because wool is able to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture the skin is kept dry and lanolin in the wool adds gentle lubrication. This prevents the development of vulnerable pressure points and reduces the possibility of friction and shear injuries developing. Supremely high density Australian sheepskins ensure that the Natural medical skins continue to offer comfort and luxury year after year.

Our 100 percent sheepskin mattress pads are available in two sizes.  The single is ideal for localized relief and prevention from bed sores and decubitus ulcers, sometimes called pressure ulcers.  The dual is twice the length and is better suited for global relief or for the less mobile.  

Single is $99.95  Dual is $199.95 
*plus shipping


We can custom make sheepskin seat covers for all styles of manually and power  [Manually operated wheelchair with Sheepskin seat cover] operated wheelchairs and scooters. We have hundreds of different patterns for many of the most popular brands and styles of chairs and scooters. If we don't have the pattern on hand we CAN get it.

Wheelchair covers are available in washable sheepskin and the optional armrest covers can be ordered at the same time.

Universal Covers starting at $149.99
Custom Covers starting at $174.99
Arm Rest covers starting at $30.00 ea
*plus shipping

Medical Sheepskin Rugs

Custom Wheelchair Seat Covers

Other Medical Sheepskin Products

Due to sheepskins' protective, comfort, and absorbent qualities there are many uses for sheepskin in regards to medical purposes. Therefore, we make other products including crutch covers, knee, ankle, elbow, and joint pads. If you have any other needs please call us today for information or a quote.

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Ulcer relief is now available for specific areas.  Localized pressure ulcers can be addressed with smaller easily managed cut & sewn sheepskin protection.  Easy to apply and maintain using Velcro these are available for knee, wrist, and ankle protection and comfort.

Classic Sheepskin